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Praz de Minas

Cacha├ža Prazer de Minas Premium Unlimited 700ml

Cacha├ža Prazer de Minas Premium Unlimited 700ml

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Cacha├ža Prazer de Minas Premium Unlimited 750ml is a drink aged for four years in American oak barrels. Light, has an alcohol content of 39%. With a modern design, it has exclusive empty box packaging and is packaged in a square bottle.

It's produced by combining the "mineira" tradition with technology. The sugar cane is selected, cut, washed and crushed in mills, generating a pure juice, which is naturally fermented in stainless steel vats and in a climate-controlled room.

Distillation is carried out in copper stills, heated by a boiler. Only the best part of the distillate is aged. It is these factors that make Prazer de Minas one of the most awarded cacha├žas in Brazil. All production steps are recorded to maintain a quality standard, which is measured and audited by Inmetro.

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