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Nestlé Neston 3 Cereals 12.70 oz. (Pack of 2)

Nestlé Neston 3 Cereals 12.70 oz. (Pack of 2)

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12.70 oz. (Pack of 2) = 720g


NESTON® 3 Cereals is made with whole grain, in addition to containing fibers and iron. A perfect combination of wheat, oats and barley for the preparation of vitamins, making the vitamin even more delicious, in addition to being a complete option when mixed with milks and fruits.


Cereals (91%): Whole wheat flour, wheat flour enriched with iron and folic acid, Barley flour, Oat flour, Sugar, Dietary Fiber (Inulin), Salt, Iron (ferrous fumarate) and Stabilizer (dipotassium phosphate). ALLERGIC: CONTAINS DERIVATIVES FROM WHEAT, BARLEY AND OATS. MAY CONTAIN MILK, SOYA AND RYE. CONTAINS GLUTEN.

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