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Aurora Varietal Merlot Dry Red Wine 750ml - Serra GaĂșcha

Aurora Varietal Merlot Dry Red Wine 750ml - Serra GaĂșcha

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Aurora Varietal Merlot Wine is a classic from Aurora winery, produced in the Serra GaĂșcha region with the Merlot grape. With a ruby red color, this wine has intense aromas of ripe fruits such as blackberry, cassis and plum, in addition to subtle notes of spices. On the palate, it has a smooth and velvety flavor, with soft and balanced tannins.

This red wine is an excellent choice to harmonize with different dishes, such as pasta, fish, cheese and red meat. It is perfect to accompany a romantic dinner or a special celebration, providing a unique and remarkable sensory experience.

Try Aurora Varietal Merlot Wine now and be surprised by its incomparable quality and flavor. Buy online and have a high-quality Brazilian wine at home, produced by one of the most renowned wineries in the country.

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