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Ballena Strawberry Cream Liqueur with Tequila 750ml

Ballena Strawberry Cream Liqueur with Tequila 750ml

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The Legend of Ballena

In 1905, on the Spanish mediterranean coast, an animal was seen that looked like a fish, but breathed air and gave milk to its calves. A huge pink animal, but at the same time sweet and cute.

García, the oldest fisherman in the region, used to use baits dashed with tequila, on a beautiful late afternoon he came across with the huge animal. The impressed fisherman soon realized that it would be impossible to fish and decided to feed him his "seasoned" baits... this bounds the two forever! The huge animal started returning every late afternoon to eat the fisherman's bait, who affectionally numbed it Ballena.


Strawberry Cream with Tequila
Fine milk liqueur
16% alcohol content
Agave alcohol imported from Mexico
Made in Brazil

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