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Cacha├ža Middas Cl├íssica 700ml - With 23k Gold Flakes

Cacha├ža Middas Cl├íssica 700ml - With 23k Gold Flakes

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┬áThe 23 carat gold flakes that accompany the Middas Cl├íssica make this cacha├ža an unique experience. You will make your golden touch and drink like a king. Middas Cl├íssica is an exclusive cacha├ža stored in wooden barrels of amendoim do campo for a period of 2 years.

Attached to the lid of the Middas Cl├íssica Cacha├ža, the 23 carat edible gold tube imported from Germany is an invitation to an incredible sensory experience.

But it is by opening the bottle that the journey gets even better. The Middas Cl├íssica is rested for two years in Amendoim do Campo barrels, considered the queen of the woods to aging cacha├ža.

The maturation time gives the Middas Cl├íssica a touch of unusual softness and velvety that is characteristic of a well-produced and well-matured cacha├ža.

Since 2014, when it entered the market, Middas has been appreciated and awarded by the world's leading judges and experts. Middas received medal in famous contests in New York and Berlin.

Middas also received a gold medal at the renowned China Wine & Spirits Awards and the famous Miami Rum Festival, in addition to the Silver Medal in 2016 edition of the Brazil Stage of the Brussels World Contest, consolidating itself as a Cacha├ža that pleased the most demanding palates in the leading spirits competitions of the planet.

The Middas Clássica can be consumed before a good meal, whether lunch or dinner, or even to accompany an starter, such as a appetizer or a light portion of crackling.

Tasting Middas Clássica, on the rocks or cold, is another experience to keep in your memory.

And if you want to explore further the sensory wonders of the Cacha├ža Middas and Amendoim do Campo combination, try adding to your cacha├ža a little amount of sparkling water.

In its aroma Middas Clássica has floral notes and discreet presence of sugar cane, presence this softened by the contact with the wood.

The cacha├ža has fruity touches that comes to your nose on the first contact with the glass, reminding to the appreciator that what comes next is an unforgettable sensory party.

And if your choice is to prepare a drink, Middas is the perfect cacha├ža for cocktails like our caipirinha, wich will takes the charm of the gold flakes, what makes it simply unmatched by any other white cacha├ža to make the typical Brazilian drink. For an even more special touch try adding to your caipirinha other fruits like pineapple, kiwi or star fruit.

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