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Cacha├ža Middas Reserva dos Propriet├írios With 23k Gold Flakes 700ml

Cacha├ža Middas Reserva dos Propriet├írios With 23k Gold Flakes 700ml

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The Winner of the Grand Gold Medal, top prize, at the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles

Middas Reserva dos Propriet├írios is a sensorial surprise at each blend that we launch in the market. The edition number 3 brings in its bottle cacha├žas aged in barrels of American oak, French oak, jequitib├í and a slight touch of amburana. The edible 23 carat gold is the ultimate touch of an unforgettable experience for you and your best friends!

What is the best Cacha├ža in Brazil? How to enjoy an excellent Cacha├ža? The experience Middas Cacha├ža Reserva dos Propriet├írios was born to answer these two questions with just one bottle.

Each drop of Middas Reserva dos Propriet├írios - BLEND 3 is an invitation to an odyssey that awakens all the senses. Rare and precious, this cacha├ža is a product of the domain of the man over the time. An unrivaled range of aromas gives to Middas Reserva dos Propriet├írios its unique complexity.

Middas Reserva dos Proprietários, brings the refinement and exclusivity in the same bottle.

It is the endless discovery of a rare cacha├ža aged in four types of barrels of first use for 3 years: French Oak, American Oak, Jequitib├í Rosa and Amburana. Its beautiful golden color, deep and warm, announces its undeniable strength. Its aroma fills the nose with delicate nuances of flowers, mixed spices and cinnamon. The power and depth of the aroma is echoed in the mouth, where spices, coconut, caramel and vanilla play a key supporting role.

Then the structure takes shape: chocolate notes come together with nuts and candied fruit.

If tasted pure, on the rocks or with a little of water, this handcrafted cacha├ža of just 1.000 numbered units, signed by Leandro Dias and Jo├úo Almeida, offers an unrivaled experience that leaves a lasting impression. An infinite echo!

With every sip of Middas Reserva dos Proprietários, a new place is discovered, a distinct feel and an extraordinary shared history.

Don't wait to experiment the grandeur of your Middas Cacha├ža Reserva dos Propriet├írios. You will impress yourself and your best friends!

All Middas comes with a 23 carat gold flakes tube imported from Germany, which makes Middas Reserva even more special, cause you can do your touch of gold and become your sensory experience something unique and unforgettable.



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