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Cachaca 51 Export Quality 700ml

Cachaca 51 Export Quality 700ml

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Export quality bottle

Perfect to prepare the authentic Brazilian caipirinha!

Cachaca 51 is Brazil’s leading brand of Cachaca with over 240 million liters sold annually and is the second largest selling spirit in the world. Cachaca is a cane neutral spirit from Brazil that is distilled directly from fermented sugar cane juice. Cachaca 51 is made from the finest varieties of cane crop harvested at the peak of sugar content from the heartland of the plantation area of Brazil.

Cachaca 51 won a Double Gold medal recently in the prestigious San Francisco World Spirits Competition. “51” as it is affectionately referred to, is an original Brazilian brand with full bodied flavor derived from the juice of sugar cane. It makes an excellent Caipirinha – more so than some of today’s newer Cachaca brands developed specifically for the U.S. market. Try “The Spirit of Brazil” in the Brazilian favorite, a Caipirinha (pronounced kai-pur-EEN-ya): Mash 1 lime cut in quarters and 2 teaspoons of sugar in a glass; add 1½ ounces of 51 and crushed ice; mix well.

Cachaca 51 is a versatile spirit

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